Hi, I am software developer from Delhi, India. I am having a experience of total 5 years And I have worked for 2 Indian IT MNCs.  I work in .Net and with other related technologies.

Personally I like technology and playing with different new features & possibilities. In present world where everything is changing very fast, New features are adding up every day and software engineering is is trying to become mature I think that there is a lot to innovate and experiment with.

My Work Profile –

Varun Bansal
Microsoft Certified Professional
B-Tech in Computer Science (2003-07)
E-mail: vanarova@gmail.com , varun.ashok.bansal@gmail.com
LinkedIn Profile – http://www.linkedin.com/in/varunashokbansal
Current Employer: EXL Holdings Inc. USA
Location: Noida (Delhi), India
Contact No: +919873016344
Skype Name: vanarova

Technical Skills –  C#.Net, VB.NET, Win forms,  ADO.Net,  ASP.Net  2.0/3.5, T-SQL, XML, Enterprise Library 4.1, JavaScript, CSS, click once deployment, windows services, wcf services

Past Projects – Winform Applications, Asp.NET Application

Methodology Used – Agile



Contact Me –


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